Where are all of the shareholders of The 13th Regional Corporation?

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Find all shareholders of: The 13th Regional Corporation

Original shareholders were numbered at 4537 and last at around 5,371?
From early to mid/latter 2000s, total gross cumulative revenue of just over $82,000,000 was booked?

Another ANC found itself in a similarly extremely-difficult massive cash issue but recovered well.

I, Christopher Smith, will attempt to revive The 13th Regional Corporation and restore it to working order.

No Promises.

If you are a shareholder of The 13th Regional Corporation (despite its status), please contact me by CLICKING HERE and following the instructions on the document.

Please forward any other information about others who have stock in The 13th Regional Corporation to me.
Please share this to your other fellow shareholders so that they may transmit their information to me also.

-Chris Smith